the coals

in poetry •  6 months ago


the coals
By Stephen Martin

to describe the turmoil
is to shake it upside down
held by its feet
the weakness
falling over broken cobblestones
of a forgotten town

we inhabit the spaces
where desire and manifestation

the coals have touched tinder again

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While there is love in a relationship, the minimum spark ignites the passion. Marriage is a diary that is won with love and commitment, but passion saves the distances and obstacles that life presents, strengthening ties. Good poetry.
Greetings, dear @acousticsteveo. A hug!


Thank you for your wisdom. Hugs. 😎

I have profound feeling that turmoil is nothing but constant condition of beings. In this sense, the poem touches something of profound philosophical importance.


thanks for the deep read. We have to be in turmoil to digest everything thrown at us. 😎


I thought of another dimension of it though ;) .


Yes, you did. 😎


Haha, for you have overlooked this ;) .

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