Poetry 365 | Day 3 | dreamers ignite

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dreamers ignite

        the miracles

and the smiles
best the eyeballs

        love their girlfriends

best friends

siblings tie knots
to broken dreams


but don't forgive

        dreamers ignite

and the love of another
is the love of a brother
or sister
on the other

--Stephen Martin | 1/3/19

I've never been one for New Year's resolutions, but this year I actually have a few. Here's one of them: I want to write a poem every day in 2019. Can you think of something you want to do daily? If so what is it? Tell me about your 365 day challenge.

Each day I will take a moment to add value to the Steemit and Cent communities with my poetry. I have the same handle on both platforms.

Some may find this to be spam content. I get it. So, I'll attempt to add more value–and maybe, just maybe, those people will take a chill pill. Joking. Or am I? Anyway...Lol. 😎

In the reply section I would like to see your poetry. At the end of the month I will compile the ones that I like and curate them in a monthly journal that will be published on both blockchain platforms. Consider your replies a submission. Feel free to submit every day.

The journal will appear on the first day of each month (excluding January) and will feature selections from the previous month. So January's poems will be shared on February 1st. The last volume will appear next year on January 1st, 2020 and will feature content from December 2019.

I value fun, so let's have some.

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