Hari pulsation

in #poet3 years ago

O vibrate, O the symbol of hardness,
Receive from the heart.
Harmonious Hierarchy;
Hundreds of thousands of pamphlets

O pulsation, O dear adorable,
Not responding to your call;
Adorable Hier-
Life is impossible.

O breath of life,
I love your worship
This tears are tears;
You are the fruit of worship.

O spell, O tears,
That is in your hands;
New rebirth

O vibrate, oh dear,
Every word in your mouth;
He is on his side,
All the earth is ever silenced.

O vibrate, O Creator,
Hare created
Turned it around;
All the pains of Hyaar-pity

O Spondon, O Hare Romance,
Every pulsation of the love affair;
Want to love the moon.

O Spondon, O death,
You will be born-birth
Sansibani Hari's life,
Beaar vibrate.


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