poetry poet a thousand meanings

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Nuasa sea full of charm,
shades of beautiful beaches flushed.
The face of the younger sister is teasing,
make brother abandoned love.

  • Poet pujangga thousand meaning,
    which is listed in the pantun.
    I'm not the prima donna
    do not worship the worship of love.

The younger sister is like a solemn song
that is raging inside the heart.
The smua the brother speaks to you, not tease or seduce.

Sail the ship to the island of a thousand,
embraced the limp bay liver.
If true love you,
would kah abang plunge kekali .... I will pick jasmine,
although it must fall kekali.
Although the brother must die,
which is important to the heart
Went abroad,
tomorrow it will be back tomorrow.
The sister is just testing the brother,
I'm afraid the brother will deny the promise.
Short story short,
the pantun and the proverb.
The brother of brother's love is the same

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