Ignorance is beautiful +original poerty

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# *Ignorance is beautiful*
*It's the same with a secret that is also beautiful Keeps a secret of what has not yet been revealed Be patient in silence, until the meeting time*

Praying night and night, prostrate deeply
Let your turmoil be poured out only on Him
If he is your destiny, surely you will meet him
In a beautiful atmosphere, the solemn, the perfect
But if not, trust me there is better
That is being prepared for you


*Be patient, keep yourself safe Keep your eyes, keep your heart Keep your honor, keep your morals*

Later, on the sidelines of your fingers someone will fill it
Grasping lovingly
Later, you can lean on the right shoulder
Enjoy the beautiful rainbow with him

Until then, stay 'silent'
Enjoy your silent process with full closeness with Him
Because He is preparing a beautiful scenario for you
Trust me

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