misguided progress

in #poerty4 years ago

dry soil

There was a question mark on the wall of a skyscraper

Is this the name of progress?
When the arrogant wall stands majestic
Concrete roads are scattered in all directions
While the farmers lost land
The fishermen lost their catch

The fields are now turned into factories
Students dream of working in air-conditioned room
Villagers fled to the city
Mental jongos attack every head
Whoever is weak will be trampled and crushed to death
Really, this is not progress!
If my father was a farmer,
I also want to be a farmer
If my father is a fisherman,
I also want to be a fisherman

O scholars
Back to the rice fields,
Come back to the ocean,
If the fields and ponds you leave behind
Preparing to die by capitalist fangs ....


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