The Adventure

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Intrinsically I lay with my hearts desire, she whispers softly in inquiry of my want.... Of my dreams; Adventure I whispered to her loving ears, where would you go she asked.

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I would set out here I said pointing to the thicket of her hair;
Though the hair is a forest of abuse and snares, but the brow be calms us when it is smooth and plain.

The dark pools of the eyes are dangerous to our ship for to be drawn into them would be shipwreck,i said as my hands slowly trail downward her glorious form.

The Nose, like the first meridian, direct us down to the islands of the fortunate, the swelling lips. I would anchor there and taste of her nectar and Ravel in all it gloriousness, as never has a form so sweet, so soft and warm been made manifest. there I will dwell for a while and hear the siren songs.

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Then sailing on past the glorious promontory of chin. We may encounter two opposing blessed islands, crowned with peaks so divine to gaze upon, as we travel down towards your India and pause brief at the Atlantic navel to delight in its exquisite nature.

The currents of passion carries me on, to a forest unlike any other, where many have shipwrecked, and no further ever get. To be joined in glorious desire to part no more.
Tis' my adventure and thus am I inclined.
I am @kboss and I hope you enjoyed reading as much I loved writing.

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