Shine on

in #poemslast year

test test "Does this thing still work?"
There was a crack in her voice
Licking her lips with a drink of choice

Listen here
Listen wide

We each got a song inside
We have a book
We have a poem
We have a painting
We have it
Each of us
Don't be sad for those who found it
Be glad that you too are on a path to it
If you want it
The road to it will always be there waiting
It's already done in some reality
Just gotta step into it
One foot in front of the next
Keep singing
Keep writing
Keep fighting for that little light inside you
No matter what they do
Don't let the candle burn out for no one
Not me -not your mother -not your father -not your hater-raters
NO one!
Never dim your light
If you can help it
That light might guide someone outta the dark
That art inside you is a light so keep shining
That song inside you is a light so keep shining
Shine on with your words
Shine on with the power inside
Burn brightly
Let it bring you alive instead of burn you out
Forget me
Forget your family and friends and burn brightly
For when you burn you love
When you burn you come alive
So burn hot when you can
For it warms all around you
It's how the good will find you
So keep singing
and believing in you
Keep writing and fighting for you
Keep the flame inside you alive
The world needs your light right now
People need a muse
People need to be inspired
People love the light
People need your light too
So shine on
Shine on
and I will find that light in me too

I love this cat

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