The Story Of You & John Coder

in poems •  2 months ago

John Coder, The Surrogate Programmer
Programming ,like they call it, is not as hard it is being professed . Like literature, programming is just a mirror of life.

You have a Friend, that has a screen instead of a true human face
A beautiful white screen , with styled makeups, immaculate!
Even when cracked, it shows rainbows
That is how beautiful she is.
She is the perfect friend , lover , enemy , acquaintance.
Whatever you want her to be, that is what she is
She never cries
She never complains
But she only speaks one language, 0s and 1s.
Simple, isn't it.
Without it,
(01000100111100101010001011100101010, Ignore this.
It is an ancient way of having sex with your computer.)
You are practically in for the silent matrimony
A childless marriage, so they say.
So, some never cares , they just get a surrogate father
"Sleep with my computer, I really need a child. I heard your Name is John Coder,
Who bears such a name. All the same, let's cut to the chase, your chase, you know what I mean".
You said the above , then you wink
And then he goes in with your computer and you closed the door, then you sigh, deep!
"Expect a baby soon,Mister. In the meanwhile, Call me Coder for short", the Programmer answers in a Deep Voice.
And then he gets to work, under your bed sheet
You even gave him some tips about your computer,
And how you want your baby to look
All the same, you are better than most
At least , you are better than the heartless lovers, the bad ones...
that don't love their computer that much
They don't even want a baby out of their relationship, arrgh!!
They don't get jealous
They even use other people's grown babies to have sex with their computer
That is the story of what happened when I wrote this article on my notepad
I am one of them, you are too, we all are.
Even John Coder can't have sex all the time.
He sometimes ask his brother for help
Computers can have sex all day, you just need to plug them
Although, they never ask, but you know,
You might love babies like I do.

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