"when my dreams will see the light" poetry by @medras. Entry for Friday Poeamchallenge.

in poemchallenge •  2 years ago 

when my dreams will see the light?
Am i gonna win the fight?
Nothing in my life going right
I feel the rope around my neck get tight
I keep thinking day and night
When i will be on that flight?
Heading away to meet mr right
feel I'm human and have rights
Suddenly i hear a noise, a warplane in the sight
Back to reality where no light
All my dreams get postponed to the end of this fight :(
Tears fall , heart beat fast
Wishing I'll be happy one night

p.s : this is my first attempt to write my English isn't perfect since its not my original language
I don't know if this considered short poem but it's expression of my thoughts and feelings

thanks very much for this nice challenge
good luck to all :)

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  ·  2 years ago (edited)

thanks i'm very happy that u liked it

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Thank you for your kindly participating in my Poemchallenge. Congratulation my friend ;))



thanks very much
I'm really happy that my first poem win the 3rd place in your challenge
and thanks for your upvote :)
really nice experience

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