Poem Eternal love | POEMCHALLENGE by @margaretwise

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Eternal love

You're warm air like hug
You are spark of fire side of my body
Morning sunny and soft morning mood
You are beautiful as a bottle
Full of white and round stones in the sand
The wind that bristles the skin of the water
Hides from the thunder and fury of heaven
I know your body and I came from the desert
Like the last trip of an unraveled train
I am before you my silk wing
Let me extract the last coin from my sleeve
For you, lady, the last coin of the sun
The open door of the time to come
And in your arms I am dock with boat and dreams
I keep in my papers a poem written to you
To keep in mind what will remain of my
The madness of getting lost under the intense flames
And you have a lamp lit in your eyes
And a remplendor inside
We ourselves in ourselves
My dear, you are the most beautiful of all the roses
The heat of your body resuscitates the landscape and makes it spring
If I had a flower for every time I thought of you
I could walk in my garden forever love



Escrito por: @Lilo21


Poems are born from natural languages, fed through the umbilical cord of sounds and meanings.

Let the poetic wings lift your wonderful aura into the most beautiful secrets of poetry.

Thank you :)


Great writing I am honored @margaretwise


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