"Eyes"- Poetry is love and happiness 💞

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Poem challenge by @farzanaafroze which is sponsored by @margaretwise.



Eyes are mirror of our heart which reflect feelings that our expression can't...
It says those words sometimes that mouth can't...
It can explain unknown things that we can't...

Open these eyes,
look at the sky,
Perceive the highest level of the cloud,
Grope the perception of life........

Some eyes make you cry,
Some makes you smile.
Some can grab our soul,
Some can fill our life whole.


Intent of one's is captured in eyes,
Impact of it is more convenient by trails.
It has to be more perfect,
It maybe in the surface.

Eyes have constructed angle of view,
It differentiates us from each other...
That would be illustrated by nature,
Which can't moderate by texture...

With the dignity of life,
With the passion of smile...
Nothing can be hidden in those imaginary eyes,
Everything is beautiful through these sparkling eyes...

Thanks for reading... 👀


You are the poet of meditation if you say close my eyes then I'd reach the zenith of 7th sky to touch the cloud. lovely , I fall in love your poem!

Aww how sweet of you! Thank you so much. It means a lot to me. 😊

Eyes read the mind
Not only eye-to-eye eyes
If you understand the language of the eyes Eyes like eyes ...😍

supperb poetry 👌
keep it up

Lovely words! 😍 Thanks a lot dear! 😊

your eyes more lovely 😍

Aww thnku sweetie 💕

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the nice post!

Thanks... 😊

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Poetry opens to the outside world and to the internal world. Poetry stretches between the attempt to know and the inability to get to know. In addition, besides the attempt and desire to get to know you, there is also an ecstatic aspect called inspiration.

Great writing I am honored @margaretwise



Thanks a lot dear! I'm so happy to win the challenge. 😍