Suffocating Mist Poem

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This is a video of a poem that I wrote back in 2015 when I was going through alot of inner pain and depression.

The music is not my own - You can find the link to the music video, in the info box on Dtube -

I normally write quite alot of poems when I am going through different problems and issues in my life and they seem to really help me express myself.

The words to the poem are:

The normality of the world is a suffocating mist that surrounds the world in an icy decay.
All creativity will soon cease to exist and the wonders of this world will fade into darkness.

What will you do? Will you allow the mist to surround you. Will you allow your mind to be stripped of all creative thought.

Wake up! Listen! Can you hear it? The sound of the world is crying out in pain! Why does no one listen. Why do you all block out the cries of mother earth. Why do you want to retreat into the darkness of your soul and forever forget where you came from.

You must not allow the world to fall into darkness!

You must become aware of the world around you and step forth into the light. Do it now! Before it is too late.
Do not allow humanity to ruin this world. Do not allow this world to fall into ruin.

You have the power to change this world.
Do not delay!
Do it! Change yourself, today!

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