HwZ 5 - Poetry - Mother Of All Mothers - Overcoming Procrastination

in poem •  10 months ago

In this Episode of Hangin With Zainenn, I write a poem for my Mother for Mother's Day. I also am learning so much about crypto currency and overcoming procrastination.

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Sadly, Adam Kokesh has called on voluntaryists now to "drop the ideology." The good news is, there are lots of real Voluntaryists here on Steemit, so political crusaders saying we should "drop the ideology" are pretty much irrelevant, and much can be learned about self-ownership outside of this politicking!


Hah! My ideology is furthering individual liberty. Oh, well, gee. I guess I'll just give that up.... lol

Please can i get to see the poem? I would have love to go through it.


In the episode I post today, It will be on the screen. Also I posted it solo on my blog. Thank you for watching!

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