Les Bienfaits de la Lune - Poem #04

in poem •  9 months ago

The last day in Rome
Shouts come and go
Rhythm flows from the Sun
to the hands
Shouts come and go
Silence rests 
enjoying its absence
for another day in Rome
Copyright © Les Bienfaits de la Lune. All Rights Reserved.

Les Bienfaits de la Lune is a musical project founded in 2006. It wanders through the forest of time in small explosions of emotions binding at the moment, in a bond between my inner psycho-emotional world and context. As a glow of moon in a dark walk. Like a butterfly, that touch life lightly, living in the passion and then retire.

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I have only been in Rome once, in 1999, on a high school trip. I was 17 tears old/ young and it was an exciting time. A time of heartbreak, adventure as well as the week and a half where I learnt to drink (and enjoy) wine.

We actually stayed in Bracciano, camping at the lake but we visited Rome several times as well as the blazingly hot Pompeii.

Grazie for bringing me back to that nostalgic corner of my mind :>)


Your memory is a colour that perfectly blend wine, Rome and its poetry! Would be great to see you in 1999 around Rome, any old fashion pictures?

I love the photo! I feel like the music, words, and photography really lend well to each other.


Thanks man! I shot it in 2006, with my girlfriend. Was November, night, in the centre of Rome!