In Love with a Counterfiet

in #poem2 years ago

Poem by Me
Circa 2007

In love with a counterfeit
If I could mend the pieces of the past I would
My heart still bleeds through the bruises that were left
I wish I had the power to change it all
I have grown accustomed to never trust love and
Been blinded from true love with all the counterfeits
I want to get it right, but I know it’s not meant to be
I gave up on myself, does that make me human?

You claim I am strong, but could that be a cover up of
My flaws and pain?
If you cut me do I not bleed? In my weakness
Can I still be made strong?
Am I not human? I fell in love
With a counterfeit! Fool’s gold, you shined in the light but with

A bleak twinkle. I wanted to give you everything, but you ran

From me and cheated me from your truth, but yet wanted my all

Understanding was what I wanted, bending my back for your comfort

And be understanding to your lies!
For I did lie; to myself about you
I wanted to be your everything,
Take you away to believe there was heaven

Here on earth! I am in love with a counterfeit

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