“The Ocean of Today” [poem i wrote]

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I was recently reading a post by @donkeypong :: Three Poems from W.B. Yeats, a Man Who Gave All His Heart and we got to chatting about poetry. Although I've written a few poems in my day, I haven't written one in a long time. So, I want to thank @donkeypong for inspiring me to take some time to ponder life and write a poem.


“The Ocean of Today”

[poem by @transformed // Robb Gorringe]

In the islands of the sea

Floating on my knees

Cheerful in the day

Yet crying myself to sleep


An ocean of regret

How can I forget

Reminded by the faces

Dying from neglect


When the sun began to shine

Traveled back in my mind

Dark were the clouds

Blinded by the signs


Will it matter if I pray

There just might be a way

The tide may begin to turn

In the ocean of today

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