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Its called double standards
And a ton of bullshit

Spare me the crap
About a key opening many doors

He fuck'd her
She fuck'd him
They fuck'd up

You hear silly little boys
Going on and on
About tricks and methods
And how a girl's life is over
'Cos they got under her skirts
And I want to shove the baby between their legs
Right into the hole in their rotten face

If she is loose
You are loose too
If you are the 'man'
Then she sure as hell is the 'woman' too

What a funny society!
Different standards
For two persons
That did the same thing
At the same damn time

You sit there, high and hallowed
A whole Assistant God
And judge people when you're no better
Well some things don't discriminate
Like the AIDS and host of STDs
Coming on your dangling tool soon

©Onashile Peace

Guys, so my first poetry and short stories anthology is practically a wrap and the release date would be announced soon.... PHOENIX T21 is ready to fly

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Well done!
Explicit, though but well done.

Thank you!!!

He fuck'd her
She fuck'd him
They fuck'd up

Hmmm.... Your imagination/reasoning is really beyond the average minds.
Just like the saying:It takes too to tangle.
I really don't know why the female gets victimize for the crime committed by both male and female. This has been the norm before the arrival of Jesus
The female get punished for a supposed sin done by too grown ups of the opposite sex... what a world of double standard indeed. So loopsided and unfair condemnation.
It gives me joy that the Saviour has a different perspective from the men of old when he asked for the person with no sin to cast the first stone. Why condemn one and leave the other?

Like you so understand! It makes no sense....stone em both or stone none....

Hardcore Unbiased truth. Well spoken (or rather, written). I like.