"Hate and Harmony"

in poem •  2 years ago 

"Hate and Harmony"

Hate wins with a smell of defeat,
it loses to harmony, loses to us.
Hate takes birth in our mind and soul,
we will throw it away to the garbage bowl.
It will rest in peace with the pieces of dirt,
but will never allow to contaminate our soul.

Hate creates divide like religion do
our constructive endeavor gets destroyed,
but we nurture this evil in us.
Let it die its natural death with our faith;
no speech, no provocation its only our faith in love.

We will love to hate 'hate', will embrace love,
our inclusiveness will make this endemic fade.
Can we say how much we hate?
Is there any unit to measure it?
Leave it, there is no room for nightmares in our dreams,
because hate kills, harmony heals.

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