Love Denied

in #poem6 years ago (edited)

No one to love me
No one to see me
No one to believe in me
No one to care

Just snippets of gestures
So shallow and scared

I want to go home

Here in 3D
I see this place
Over the horizon
I move toward this place
A long journey ahead
It’s illusive and grand

I want to get there now

But it’s like the end of the rainbow
That shifts as we near
Only allowing me to follow
But never really to arrive

Never to attain
Never to be had
Just a place to dream to be
And in this 3D Im frustrated and sad

You have said we can do this
You have said we can rise
But your lies are amusing
As there really is no prize

There is no new world
There is only pure love
And it is in that awareness
That the new world already exists

So build your systems
And spend your life
Creating what you think
Will do us all right.

What is right is love
That is all that exists,

It's the fabric of creation
yet you refuse to declare
I'm too numb to have it matter
I no longer care

Is it the power you’re after
Or an ego experience of life?
For me, I just suffer
As you extinguish my light

I want to go home
I'm already there
And continue to come back
Just to see if you care

I'm sorry to say
I'm too tired now
I don’t want to come back
And I’ve decided to go

And leave you to build your world
Ever so slow.

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