A little test poem

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A little test poem
to see what happens when I
return from the dead.
What automated scripts still
haunt these lonely cyberhalls.


Tanka is a form of Japanese poetry which translates as "short song." It is 31 syllables and often broken up into five lines of 5/7/5/7/7 syllables.

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There will be some here
who are happy to see you
Flesh and blood humans -
not soulless automatons -
who enjoyed your work back then

Hey! Cool poem. I remember your username!

At great risk of pissing the hivers off, I want to tell you that it's much easier to make curation rewards on steem than on hive, if that's what you're into. And you can double dip - post on both chains. Steem allows self votes now too. What is the harm in my making another 20 cents on something that took me a week to write? I see you're not active on hive either though.

That's interesting and good to know. Thanks!

Looks like there's some bad blood between the platforms. It's weird finding all the accounts copied over there. Not sure how I feel about it, though I'm sure it was done with good intentions. And then there's a third platform!

Many of us are on both platforms, but few of us use steem primarily. I don't really understand why either, but folks were not happy with justin sun. I don't know what this third platform is.

I was very happy with my air drop though. My total value doubled overnight.

OK so the official tally is me, downvote from a rando, and you can still buy votes
😎 cool cool cool