Securely Carved Poetry by Christian Sutter

in poem •  4 months ago

Securely Carved

Here we have been crossed in our path.
Yet, you know that I would never cross thee in ways that lead to scorn.
Here I am full of scorning remarks blushing from settling laughter.
Beauty is in everything without need for a particular scene to accent.
Each time we see one another, among the vast landscape of within our technological devices, let us be sound.
Live this day safely with a sense that every moment to come is extremely valuable.
Learn from every depression of the camera button that our captures are far more revealing than before.
Elevate thyself with knowledge.
Should ye be the sheep to stray.
Come to the shepherd that waits for his flock to return within his graces.
For it is only time that parts us from our destiny.
There ye shall be standing with me in a place securely carved for our paradise.


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