Our evanesce- Poem by steemitalyssa

in poem •  last year 

I thought all the bridges have burned
I thought all the world’s connections were disturbed
I once thought I would not go further from where you are
But there you are, so close yet too far


You never told me you decided to be that lonely island
You never told me you’ll eventually leave that I grew too fond
I did not learn to let go of your hand
I did not realize the fading of our once precious bond

You said you were born to be with me
You said we’ll hold each other like a silver lock and key
Things changed suddenly and time went playing with me
Your lock has changed and I knew you’ve also changed the key

Should I take a thousand steps closer?
Should my heart beat a million seconds faster?
You should’ve told me what to do.
You shouldn’t have left me bewildered without any clue.



You made my life seem like a sweet dream
Now I’m walking with the memories yet were haunted by them
It turned out to be a mischievous nightmare
And I became the victim, trapped in this lair

You once said it is never a crime
Staying still and wanting to stop time
But beautiful things eventually disappear
The ticking of time makes everything grow darker

Maybe I got lost in the middle of everything
Maybe we got baffled in the thought of a happy ending
I don’t know the answer to the never ending whys
Maybe we just filled ourselves with too much lies

Our everything became a voiceless daydream
Our time became an irrelevant memory without aim
In the end, we became momentary
We met by fate and got separated by destiny




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Pretty nice post you got here. very inspiring. all words comes from the heart. full emotions and unheard voices within finally getting free.

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