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The peacock stands so very proud,
His colours vibrant and loud.
Fanning out his plumage grand,
Posing in his stand.
For his feathers he is best known,
How long now they have grown.
Upto as long as six feet,
Hoping a girl to meet.
His tail he quivers emitting a sound,
By shaking each part, a girl may come round.




A family of peafowl a bevy are called,
They follow mother (peahen), ever so enthralled.
As she wonders around the garden so free,
Omnivorous, eating whatever there may be.
A peachick when young is hard to tell,
If boy or girl came from eggshell.
A male peacock when young is plain,
At six months his colours he’ll gain.
Until this time he is easy to overlook,
As just like mother they all do look.
It’s not til they are three years old,
The train of feathers grows to behold.
This trail so long doesn’t stop flight,
They don’t fly far but roost at night.






Their beautiful feathers aglow with colour,
Have tiny crystal-like structures to cover,
Reflecting the light, enhancing appearance,
Chasing the girls with much perseverance.
Sometimes the peacock may come in all white,
A beautiful, wonderful, pure looking sight.
As the eyes are normal and are not red,
This is called leucism, not albino, specially bred.







Their feathers can be gathered without harm,
As after breeding season has lost it’s charm,
These feathers will fall each one to the ground,
They can be collected right where they are found.
These birds can live wild or kept as pets,
They’re so very pretty and so lets,
For these special birds care and protect,
Enjoy their beauty, so close to perfect.



Poem by Sourcherry
Photographs from Pixabay


Thanks for sharing! Beautiful!

Your welcome.

Peacock is our national bird

Yes - they India's national bird. They are also found in Asia and also some here in Australia. They are very beautiful birds.

Nice poem..i love colourful peacock.

Thanks. I am glad you like the poem.

amazing photography

Wonderful poem and great selection of images. I’d seen white peacocks before, but I’d never seen one like the last image.

Thank you. I am glad you liked it. The birds are beautiful. I do like the last image too.

Like Rainbow looks amazing in the sky, Peacock looks amazing in the birds. I like the photos of this bird. Thank you

Their colours are glorious! I think your poems are brilliant, nice work.

"Peacock is the national winged animal of India," started Sujith to impart his insight to his companions. "It is the most lovely winged animal discovered everywhere throughout the world. The male is known as a peacock, and the female a peahen. An infant peafowl is known as a peachick. "

"They have a place with fowl family and there are three types of peafowl," included Jayan. "The most prominent of the species is the Indian peafowl and the variant is found in many zoos around the globe because of it's choice magnificence.

"Peafowls are omnivorous and feed on the ground. (eating both creature and plant sustenances.) They eat seeds, grains, creepy crawlies, berries, plants, organic products, reptiles, arthropods and creatures of land and water. They for the most part scan for sustenance in early morning hours or before the nightfall. Indian Peafowl do a large portion of their nourishment chasing in the early morning and in the blink of an eye before dusk."

Awesome pics of Peacock, Especially white one which is rare to see.

Awesome ballad and extraordinary choice of pictures. I'd seen white peacocks previously, yet I'd never observed one like the last picture.

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