Watch Me Moon

in poem •  last year 

The moon is shining so bright,
On a beautiful Friday night.
It keeps on sparkling,
Till the sun comes rising.

Tonight you’re so lovely,
You’re glow is really perky.
Like a big white ball,
Hanging in my wall.

I will sleep tonight,
With you as my light.
This will be a temporary goodbye,
Because tomorrow you’ll come by.


Photo is mine.


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Nice shot! :)


Thank you.

Nice poetry sis.


Thanks sinalik labat pian naiba. Insan Balibali kasi may bulan @shula14

nanpicture ak met kaso cnga amay notification light cellphone ko labat,hehe
nabwas mas baleg


Ay hehe
E aalagaren ko met.

Cute poem and beautiful moon :)


Thank you mam ica :)


Big thanks @resteemvote aka mam Ica


You are welcome :)

Dia aga nanengneng so moon.


Arawi amo dtan . O aga nanengneng lapud wadya kayod tagey hehe asikaso yo dtan Kuya ian