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Look towards to my direction,
And listen up to my rendition.
I have traveled all around the nations
But your beauty is more than what I can mention.

I call out your name, please look up,
Because the last time I saw you I caught hiccups.
I brought you an exotic wine,my lady bring cups
I want us to have a nice time in my pickup.

We will take a stroll on the hills.
I promise to sit by your side when you are ill.
when my spirit go high,
And my body go wild
I will never go crazy so you don't ask me why.
It really been a while,
If you listen, if you care we will walk down the aisle.

It another piece from my humble or egomanic self, still on the pun and literally passing the message to a lover, sorry the name is that of a movie character. Game of thrones, I spent a useful part of life watching the TV screen, now I got a fantasy. If you gat any lady with the name Misandel, bring her to my palace she has a lover in me.

Wow, Thanks for spending your valuable time reading this piece, I hope to improve with every piece.

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