the way to go is late on the way

in poem •  last year 

The way to go is late on the way
Dream house stopped on the way,
I will say it is not said
I will say whatever, in the meantime, said Dande.
I did not dare shut up silently
I do not see the silence all the way,
I am wrong because you have ananya
Something else you should understand me.
Keep yourself hidden, you, too
I love you with eyes,
I see you again, secretly-secluded
I have drawn my moonmate in my mind.
You do not know, but the eyes are blind
You are saying all around, the smell,
It is your ambivalence that you
I touched on the day of Nishi.
Recognize how long love is unknown
That night came the aadhaara
The queen will strangle alone and you are not alone
I am bored, passenger, landless.

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