just a mother who knows

in #poem6 years ago

When mom just closed her eyes
Broken a small cry with a loud voice
In a drowsy state, the child must also
In the arms of love

How does it feel? Only a mother knows
It feels ... When hunger strikes, imagine food
Nice on the table
When the first bite, child pup in the pants
How does it feel?
Just a mother who knows the taste

When the body is tired of no energy
Want to shower immediately
Eliminate the existing fatigue
While the children are in their room
Have not had time to sabunan, children have been crying
Contest the puppet seizure

Kacaulah mother shower show, direct handukan
Though still clinging to her body
How does it feel?
Just a mother who knows the taste

When mom wants to worship with solemnity
Children start looking for attention
Pulling at mukena
Ruffled wardrobe
While the mother is helpless

Skip jumping here
Mother's back saddled
Not even prayer, children are getting more powerful
How does it feel?
Just a mother who knows the taste

Aaahh ...
Behind all the hassles
But there is also heaven in it

Just a mother who knows the delicious meaning of a child's smile
Which are given
Child's hug ...
Simple childlike greeting
In front of people, but turned into diamonds
Gems in mom's eyes

That's why?
When the child is happy, the mother cries ...
Child achievers, mother crying ...
Child sleeping soundly, mother crying ...
Child married, mother crying ...
Child graduation, mother crying ...
Child kindergarten graduation, mother crying ...
Child performing on stage, mother crying ...

Aahh ...
This is a happy tear that will not
Can be owned by anyone
If you do not experience it
Myself as mother
Could this be part of His heaven
Which is given to all mothers
A love so tasty?

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