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“I couldn’t write poems for so long, daughter. I was stuck. “

“How did you get unstuck, Dad?”

“I got stuck from a lack of practice. And the practice is this: imagine an event and reimagine it with words. Play with those words until it creates new emotions and ideas. “

“How do you do that?”

“Remember when I drove to upstate New York? Here is one way to describe that event. “

I drove from our home to upstate NY.

“But I could also say...”

The wheels rolled
Until the tar touched trees

As the sun and shade
Chose sides

I pressed rock and dirt
With my well worn Keens

Like a preacher presses
Words into flesh

“You could keep going with this. Once the words start flowing it is like you are drawing from an infinite well. “

The well is swell
Until ma rings the bell

I get my last pail of water

When will ma ring the bell?
Only time will tell

When she’ll feed
Her sons and daughters

The meal to fill
The fork to kill

Hunger with one dish

Flowers of dill
Nuts that are milled

With every sweet sworn wish

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That's so beautiful to read amazing one