Is My Neighbor Dead?

in #poem5 years ago

I haven't seen my neighbor for three days

It's more than somewhat of an aberration

The adjacency of our two apartments affords me, yea is a nuisance to me in that I can hear the majority of her goings on

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Phones ringing, dinging, ding-donging, I can hear all that

Cooking, singing, tidying up the apartment also

I can hear most of her movements

And three days nothing

She returned from a trip to Peng Hu Saturday and visited my apartment that evening

She's not in the best of health and trips usually tire her out and she may sleep for an entire day after an excursion

But certainly a three-day recovery period after her Chinese New Year trip wouldn't be required

We share a hallway that is an entrance to our apartments

One of her windows looks out onto that hallway

It's open, just a crack maybe two inches, but I could peer into the one-room apartment and pretty sure I would see the bed

I'm going to go have breakfast first

I need something in my stomach before I go peeking for a stiff this morning

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