Reaching and living on the cusp of my dreams

in #poem6 years ago

It’s all there

Yet it’s been there all along
Living in the crevices of my thoughts
Locked ln like a prisoner because I did not believe
In the invisible or the things that seemed impossible

Until one day I made a choice

To step beyond all that life had shown me
Had told me, and unfolded before me as all there is.

And now I shed joyous tears

As I bathe in another reality
As I embark upon all this newness before me
And as I continue to discover more and more and more

Of all that is meant for me.

Now I have a complete knowing that abundance is my birthright.

On that day that I did that one little thing

That unearthed and uplifted a life so limited
That I had come to know as the only one for me

That day I made a choice to dream bigger

To go on an adventure
To break some rules and skip all the schools
Of programming that was constantly running in the backroom of my mind.

And then suddenly I moved to complete clarity

And I knew exactly what I did want and what I didn’t

And I felt the freedom that allowed me to breathe deeply

As I stepped away from all things that were no longer serving me
Those things and people that could not keep up
With my new frequency,
And in a moment it was as if they were never there
They fell far far away

And the universe asked if I wanted

Door number one, two and three
I no longer had to choose one or the other and settle
Or conform to the same ole’ same ole’ normality.
My response was ‘absolutely I want all three.’

My world now has cast a wider net

And my feet have touched down on
So many places that I longed to see, smell touch and experience.
Life now is a constant adventure
To places and worlds that I choose and have designed to include,

Happiness, new opportunities and all the joy I can stand.

And all of this is just the beginning

As I have just arrived at the cusp of my dreams.

Thank You For Reading, Please Come Again.

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beautiful post very nice everything, good composition of the fragments and images, I congratulate you I really liked it.

Thank for the compliment and for reading my post @betzaelcorvo.

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