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Will you remember?

  • Aranyak Basu
    The next birth is the age when sixteen is right
    We will fall in love then
    Will you remember?
    There will be large large roofs in the chest
    Spread the cooler;
    Two people will sit in the evening.
    They are in a couple of cases
    Suddenly, the tears of your eyes will roll on your eyes,
    Kant Kabir will sing
    Then I'll be silently waiting for two eyes.
    Will you remember?
    The birth of this birth will be born after the next birth
    The smell of this birth hair is born afterwards
    The demand for the drunkenness of this birth is born as follows
    Will you remember?
    I will fly
    And a sudden fervor
    This will give birth to the first chic
    You cry deeply
    One of the water will absorb all the water
    Will you remember?
    The next generation will be a poet
    You will bind a thousand of songs with you.
    With your lips,
    Nakabati and Nupur
    Make a song
    The fair will roam around the fair ...
    Will you remember?
    And what is or is not there
    The next generation will be Titas
    Abir will be the swing stage
    Shiulitla will be miserable
    Visit the autumn sky__
    Will be uninterrupted morning;
    All these things happen or not
    Will be your first man
    Will you remember?
    You will be the next born
    Blue-hill mad-haired
    Throw a garland dress
    Satisfied me
    Your diamond love in the whole body.
    Your water swallows my arrogance.
    I had a lot of things
    It is not said at this birth
    There were many words in the chest__
    Sorting properly but still
    Can not say poetry!
    It was impossible to be born in the absence of impossible
    The next generation will be human
    If you get your love
    You'll be the man!

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