in poem •  last year

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“I’ll meet you at 10...”
His words fell flat.
In the thickening pause, her eyes
willed themselves to smile.
“I might be late,” she confessed with a
pirated grin.
“I’m.....” stumbling,
“I’ve been known to be late, sometimes.”
He knew.

Deaf to the irony she almost revealed,
the fact that her own cycle was
behind schedule, too...
she vowed tonight she’d tell him.
He’d be a Father, likely
7 months, few days, from now.
Time enough for May flowers.

Odd, her monthly friend was never late...
Girl who’s always late for dinner
last to know.
He knew that too.

She arrived in the Square 10 minutes early.
Applied the last of her, “Please ask
me to marry you, I don’t want to raise
this child alone,” make-up...
Straightened her shortest skirt,
already too tight at the waist.

He never showed for dinner,
never showed for ever.
Winter came to Prague
that night
...many months ‘til Spring.

Thanks for sharing your time on my blog.
I remain my humble self @popson da blockchain poem writer.


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