Many Walks

in #poem5 years ago

So many walks
I wandered the latitudes today
A faintly sun veiled in cloudiness to guide
Vicissitudes are in wait behind stone and floral permanence
These winds are summer's thoughts

So it is nature that sweeps her amiable broom here
That vindicated winter sleepless alone in November
A robin smiles in her vision a tempestuous storm
Nature knows not the act of injustice

It is so easy to lie down in fields of harmony
A gesticulated goodbye to a countenance above
Interwoven night, a pry of gentle loving hands off shoulders
To lay down, this a summer filed, a genial sleep approaches


I like the idea of wandering the latitudes. We have a spot just North of where I live that crosses one of the parallels and there is a sign on the side of the express way as you go over it. I always mean to take a picture and write a post about it, but I always forget.

I loved the poem and is the picture captured by you? It is like a wallpaper and so mesmerizing and surely I am short at words for this..

That's a nice short and sweet poem about the seasons. Falls is approaching to take over summer and winter lays in wait to take fall.

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