"When it Feels Right"

in #poemlast year


I have heard so many stories
About what others are going through
Too often their tears are running down
And their pain just won't go away
But I'm on a mission to free myself
And take charge of my own destiny
I'm determined to move forward no matter how hard

It's only a matter of time before I'll see the light
To make new beginnings that I deserve
My outlook on life will bring me close to my goals
To finally end this pain and misery

I'm no longer afraid of the boogeyman in the night
I'm willing to take risks and show the world that I can
Cause I'm ready to reach the light
My steps are steady and my future feels right

I've been running around in circles since last year
Been bringing home all the troubles
It seemed like an unending struggle just to keep up with the life I lived
But I'm so tired of living in the dark, so tired of all this strife

I'm gonna make a change because I have no choice
Gonna take control of my life
I'm gonna step out of the shadows away from despair

It's only a matter of time until I can achieve a new life without conflict
Finally, my outlook on life will also change and I can handle it
No more I won't hold back any longer.


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