"What Bright Side?"

in #poemlast year

image_6487327 (2)-001.JPG

When the power is in their hands
They take what they can grab
And take advantage of someone's weakness
Why do they forget the pain that comes back around?
Don't they think about the feelings of others?

Why is it so easy for others to hurt?
Don't let them take more than they deserve
Even though it is not that easy
Don't let the past put you in vain
To protect yourself from pain, protect your life from harm

When their eyes are so dim
To the sorrows of those who suffer from the pain
It seems like it's the end of the world
We can hide behind our own box
But never shy away from a fight
Trust yourself and believe

Everybody's giving it their all
But they're all too quick to back out
And find someone else to kick while they're down
What they don't understand, they will never know what it takes to stick around.


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