"Two Sides"

in #poemlast year


We all have a different story to tell
An opinion that we stand for
It's like walking between the fire and water
Two views will never be the same

It's hard for me to understand
When both sides don't see eye to eye
We can never understand each other's views
Until we try...

A puzzle that's never been completed
Each side has its own perspective
Sometimes I'm stuck in disbelief
Nobody wins in an argument where both are fighting

My perspectives on this double-sided argument
Pave my way through obstacles and strife
But I realize, no two stories will ever be the same
It's so hard to keep different things in line

Although it's hard to try, I accept the challenge today
Trying to prove that there are two sides to this argument
We'll never be in agreement but it's worth the compromise
Just listen deeply and believe in the other's side.


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