"Look Beyond"

in #poemlast year


I feel the pain tearing through my soul
Like chains that keep me imprisoned in misery
Although I try to walk away, I can't find the right direction for me
I've been waiting for an answer that will lead me

Some kind of way must be a way, out of these chains
Break these chains and feel the healing
Can't go on living in the darkness, looking for some help
Trying to find new pieces for my broken heart

Sitting here all alone, looking for someone that will break these chains
Tired of all the empty talk and pointless arguments
Trying to find some understanding about this despair
That's when I look to God with faith and He shows me a new truth of grace

I've walked a million miles and exhausted all my energy
Can't seem to shake this prison of hatred and misery
The walls are so thick, tougher than my desire to escape
But I'm determined, I'm not going to accept defeat

I'm gonna let it go, finally set my soul free
Out of this prison, this darkness shall pass
I'm gonna break these chains of despair

Gonna open up my heart and bring down these walls
So I can fly away with joy and hopes
Gonna start anew and never look back at these prison cells

With every step I carry on, I can feel the hate start to fade
Put it all behind me and with new dreams come to life
Open my eyes and see what truly lies ahead of me.


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