"Life Anew"

in #poemlast year


Life can be so confusing
There's just no telling which direction we should go
We make our plans sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't
But every beginning comes with an end of its own

And we hold on to our desires even though they won't happen
Don't think too much
Just move on
Start a new life

Every beginning has an end, we can't rewrite the past
Some days you win and some days you lose, let it go and keep moving
Just believe in yourself and fly
One day you'll rise up high and shine brighter than ever before
Let this be our prayer as every end will be the beginning of something new

It's not easy to see
The bitter pill that I need to swallow
The moment I woke up to this pain in the night
My heart is aching for the bad things that happened in the past
I'm calling out, trying to find someone that can help

And every beginning has an end
Nothing can change that to amend
Every breath, every word carries on in me
Gotta stay strong and keep believing.


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