"Liars Have No Shame"

in #poemlast year


Lying has its price, there's no good takeaway
It pins us to a wall, gives us a bitter view
A world where everything is not real
So much imagination, no more real to create

Liars are forever liars, lies can never be straightened
No one will trust them, that's their curse
And they're always stuck in the same place that they can't get out
Never-ending lies and pretending it's ok

You can't show your true colors because everything is fake
And everyone knows it, so don't even try
For what use is lying if it's always exposed?
Nothing you hide will last, every lie will surface

You hold the truth with a rope of lies
Just clinging to the strings, you won't last that long
Face turning red, your skin crawling inside
You know nothing will ever come of your life

All of this treachery binds you to the ground
Your shame is no secret, you're pitiful and worthless

Lies have limitations, and liars have no bounds
Stuck in a circle, with nothing else to say
Your fate's in your hands just one more time around
Lies have limitations, and liars are forever chained.


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