"Hopeful Wish"

in #poemlast year


I'll keep on searching through the darkness
Until I find a ray of light
Waiting for the time to be blessed
And get through this night

So I won't stop hoping, I will keep believing
The stars will come real soon and bring me the one
This waiting game is a long one but I'll stay hopeful
I know it's gonna come if I just keep on believing

As night slowly falls over me
Oh Lord, show me what to be
Will there ever be a light so bright?
To help me find the one who's meant for me in this life?

Sometimes it's hard to see what's in front of me
The fog tends to block my view
I'm telling myself that I should just believe
And hope will come to me soon

So I keep telling myself I'm gonna be alright
That someday I'll find someone who's meant for me
And when this dream finally comes alive
I'll be happy and cherish this new life

The day's so long but I'm gonna keep going
It will be worth the wait when I find the one
I'm gonna stay patient and stay hopeful
Something magical will come in time.


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