"Embrace the New Morning"

in #poemlast year


Why do I feel like I'm stuck in a loop?
I ended up in a place I didn't want
The consequences of my past actions brought me here
If only I could go back to the past

If you fix the past, will you go back?
The life you have built has made a difference without realizing it
The sunset cannot be stopped from the horizon
Close your eyes to be aware of the truth

The truth hurts...
But the truth will set you free
The future is bright when you let time go
Resist the urge to go back in time

Accepting yesterday is part of life
Live peacefully and forget yesterday's anger
Time will heal your anger
Time also creates a new life

Observe what is around you
Isn't their beauty around?
Forget the ugly past
Embrace the beautiful morning that is just coming.


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