"Cold Heart"

in #poemlast year


Your lies leave me feeling cheated
A pile of broken words is worthless to me
You don't think about my welfare, that's so you!
Thought I was something more than just an object

Our quarrels are like child's work, so silly and so true
Your mind runs wild, full of empty words
Do you think I shouldn't feel this hate?
No respect for me, I don't like the way you do
I hate you for the way you don't care

I try to get along, to keep up with your demands
You try to turn my world upside down
No room for compromise and giving
Can you find a single reason why I should stay here?

Our quarrels just like when we were kids
You never think about what I need and all I care about
To make things feel alright, you just close your eyes
Making me feel like my love isn't worth your time

I got mad for a reason because you're too blind to see
You keep talking about yourself and never see me as your equal
I'm not asking for much, just a little bit of time
That's all that I seek as your heart grows colder throughout the night.


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