"Believe in Destiny"

in #poemlast year


We both had such big dreams
But where did they go?
Love can still make it right, as long as there is hope
I know I want to make it right
Just reach out and find me tonight

Our broken hearts have made things complicated
Our love will never be defined by what's in our mind
No matter what life throws at us, I know we can still make it in the end
So please reach out and let memories remind

The clock keeps ticking and I'm still standing here
I can't help but wonder if my love can reappear
If you could just say words that I can hear
I'd feel like I was in heaven and see you clear

The walls that have been built between us are so hard to break
But something in my heart won't let go, it's so hard to take
If I could just hold you once more
Everything would be like before

Will I ever breathe the air that you breathe?
Will we ever see eye-to-eye again?
Cause we can't just live life in words
We have to believe in destiny.


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