Do you hold me

in #poemlast year

Don't think you've traveled the world
What is there that you don't see?
Don't say I'm done, things to do
there are living beings waiting to eat and drink

You created the world, you worry about the world
With your body created with your mind you don't know
With a heart caught between nothingness and nothingness
The Alp between poverty, hunger, wealth


Go away
You judge the words you hear with your ear
With your mind that questions even the one who created you

Ignorant don't they ask you what did you do
With the mind given, with the food that is made and fed
Knows the creatures who travel a lot
If those who read and write do not know, he gives his right.

He wanders for days, did not know the city
He couldn't see it all by himself
Years passed, I entered and couldn't ask at 60
He did not love the created because of the creator.
He didn't even know how to use his mind

writer, poet, the one who made up his mind
Everyone loves the one who rejoices and jumps
The one who condemns the hikes and jumps
There is someone holding you, you will find the one who collects you

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