My Childhood

in #poem3 years ago (edited)


When a man was still a boy
With milk tins serving as a toy
Wandering around the streets is common
Half naked or only pants on.

I could remember falling in love with nintendo
Gathering late in the night to watch commando
Jet-li and shaki-shan just like we do call them
Just a calling from your father is a damn.


I remember making a cave from sand
Moulded in the shape of our legs
With Milk tin we drum with, to form a band
And anything that produces sound even kegs.

I remember cooking sand and leaves with no fire
Eating the sand through the lower jaw
Creating lamps and light without wire
Making sure it's perfect with no flaw.


I remember the taste of happiness and joy,
When the sky darkens and rumbles
Hoping and praying it will rain with great foy
And when the rain falls, every sadness crumbles.

Chasing the rainbow across the street is fun
And running under the scorching sun
Singing loudly and waving to flying aeroplane
Along the hills, valleys and lands so plain.


This is my childhood
This is my rugged hood
This is where I tortured
This is where I was nurtured.


Poem by @nuges

Photographs from Pixabay


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