Intoxicating feelings

in #poem3 years ago (edited)

My emotions are crying out loud
My heart is flying so high
Moving around the air
Without no heir.


I find myself intoxicated
Not by alcohol nor whine
But by your love as I'm getting saturated.
Hold me tight to make me shine
And let me be the famous love drunkard.

I want you strictly by my side
The distance isn't an excuse
I just want our hearts to beat at once
Our hearts should not be a word and opposite
Our hearts should go against the English rule of synonyms
And be exactly the same.

Hmm!!! I'm afraid
Not afraid of falling down
But afraid of falling out of love.
Not afraid of moving closer
But afraid of the distance.


Enough of testing my feelings
Enough of hurting my feelings
Right now my feelings aren't alright
But I need you to make it right.








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