Peace and music, let it fly away

in poem •  11 months ago 

One answered
One wrong
The notion that
The words
Between the blood brothers
Love and other boundaries
The fire -

The entire country Irrawaddy river
They love to drink
One, born in the same mother
Will blood because
If a wet with tears
Cried her heart
One bullet enjoy
A weeks
Only one name
No one can afford war
All were lost in war
Victories are almost inevitable sense
I have -
The thud of bombs bullets
Smoking, blood
ugly wounds, Nicely between failure
In open heart smile
A fading hate true loss camp is open
The cry of the innocent children
Sweet music, and who think they need
Homeless Instead of clothes
Foolish people
Kind with sincerity if
Crying all these wars

Flowing wrath
With a league
In fact, a light of beauty
Shortly neck conversation
Have sexual contact with blood
The public to stay calm
Restless ignorance
Heat of anger
The same meaning for love
Are again and again

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