the angelic figure

in #poem4 years ago

Mother and father…
Thank you for all your sacrifices
From you, I learned many things
The figure is so strong and patient
In the face of the twists and turns of life

Your heart is like an angel
Your love is endless
In each of your prayers
You never forgot us a bit
Even when everyone is fast asleep
You are celibate to the divine
So that your sons and daughters become Islamic beings

Your face is so big to us
Your sacrifices are so great to us
Hingaga you willing to bone
You squeeze all your sweat
Even the sun, the rain hit
Become your friend

But that does not break your spirits
You never mind that
You do not ask for any reward from us
Until you are willing to bet your soul and your body
How noble is your heart
Mother and father…
May Allah always protect every step of your life.

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