Memory with Mother

in #poem4 years ago


When I can not walk
When I can not speak
The first humans to accompany you are mothers
That's always available when you're sad, happy and hard
when you begin to grow
You can live consciously
How difficult it ever been when your mother gave birth to you
Sweat pouring began to fall
And when your mother gave birth to you, your father always accompanied Mom
And your father says "The strong"
Imagine and imagine now that you grow into a normal being
There are still many mothers who want to give birth to a normal child
But there is a mother who needs to get an abnormal child exam
As social man we need to help each other and help
So, we need to thank Mother for 9 months she is pregnant
No fatigue he felt
So now we need to repay the mother
Mother I you
You are my everything
because you're forever in my heart mother.
Thank you God and Thanks Mother
Forever you are always in my heart

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